H o m e
What does good health mean to you? Does it just mean an absence of illness?
What about energy and vitality? When last did you feel positive and happy to be
alive? When last were you able to sustain your energy for most of the day?
When last did you feel restored and revitalised?
At elemental wellbeing we use the ancient wisdom of Chinese philosophy and
medicine to help you revitalize, restore and renew your health and wellbeing. We want
to empower you to reach goodhealth: where good health is more than an absence of
illness, where it means your body, mind, emotions and spirit are harmonious and flows

Our practice uses Five Element Acupuncture as a core treatment. The aim of Five Element Acupuncture is
not onlyto understand and treat the complaint, but to provide a platform where each individual can discover a
greater senseof self.
We have chosen the symbol of bamboo to represent elemental wellbeing because it shows a perfect model
of healthy growth. Its strength comes from its emptiness, rootedness and flexibility. When the wind blows,
bamboo willbend in exact proportion to the strength of t he wind. Its rootedness prevents it from falling over.
Its emptiness allows it the freedom not to fight the direction in which it is being taken. When the wind stops
blowing, bamboo immediately springs up, reasserts it purpose and continues to pursue its path. It holds no
grudge against the wind.