F i v e E l e m e n t s
Do you love the early morning in winter when it’s cold and frosty?
yet the bright summer sunshine leaves you cold?
or do you feel energised in the spring when the fruit trees are blossoming? Do you
dislike thelong days when the bounty of the earth is being harvested? yet the fall of
autumn leaves awakens your creativity and spark?
Our likes and dislikes are not random. According to the Five Element Theory of Chinese
Medicine each one of us has a unique relationship with the earth’s seasons and
therefore one of the elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water


This unique relationship will give our lives a certain emphasis, for example some people are more lighthearted
than others, or worry more, or become frightened more easily.

When we are stressed or out of sorts or ill, it is this element that will reveal the dis-ease through physical and
emotional signs of imbalance. This element also represents our potential, it holds the blueprint for how we

can be and act when we are fulfilling our destiny.

Fire is represented by red and summer.
It is about giving and receiving warmth, the capacity to relate.
It enables us to mature and feel joy.
Water is represented by blue/black and winter.
It is about our ability to assess risks and our willpower.
It gives us the time to pause and gather strength .

Earth is represented by yellow and late summer.
It is about our ability to nurture ourselves and others.
It provides our centre and represents our mother.
Wood is represented by green and spring.

It is about birth, growth and renewal.

It enables us to be assertive and move forward with vision and determination.
Metal is represented by white and autumn.
It is our sense self esteem and our capacity to see what lies beyond ourselves.
It gives us the power to feel loss, let go and move on.
Five Elements