A n t i - A g e i n g
From our early twenties onwards, all of our lifestyle and personal experiences start to
show on our faces: fine lines under our eyes, crow’s feet and lines around our mouths
and on our foreheads. If we add to this the stress of living in polluted environments,
sunshine,too many late nights, smoking, alcohol and working in air-conditioned offices,
we could soon start to look older than our years.
Our minds are often busier than our bodies and these hectic thoughts, stresses and
pent up emotions cause the muscles in of the face, neck, shoulders and heads to
tighten and constrict.

This restricts blood flow to the head and face causing headaches, reducing the amount of nourishment the skin

receives and preventing the removal of waste products. The result is skin that looks puffy and dull.


We offer two anti-aging treatments aim to help you reverse the effects of life on your skin


Face Rejuvenation

This treatment involves massaging the face and stimulating pressure points and muscles with acupuncture.

Through this treatment the muscles become more relaxed and lymph drainage is speeded up. The result over

time is a complexion that is glowing with health.


Face Lift Massage

This face lift massage is an Ayurvedic based massage and involves no oils or creams. It is works primarily by

freeing restrictions within the facial muscles and in the connective tissue. This enables the skin to regain some

of its suppleness and elasticity.


Benefits of Treatment

Reduce wrinkles and expression lines

· Improve skin suppleness

· Promote circulation, increasing the elimination of toxins and the supply of nutrients to cells

· Release muscle tension

· Tone and firm muscles

· Give your face a mobile, more youthful appearance

· Encourage a positive, confident expression

· Promote a relaxed face and vibrant appearance

· Relieve stress symptoms such as headaches, eye strain and insomnia

· Promote a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing

· Balance the body’s energy

Course of Treatment
To get the full benefit of our treatments it is recommended that you have at least 10 sessions.
Please contact us to set up your first appointment.